Introducing Mirage DAO

Mirage DAO is a a community-driven venture DAO powering the emerging ecosystem of AI artists. Mirage was created with the vision of being a self-governing platform positioned to push the boundaries of all creative mediums with the power of Artificial Intelligence & NFTs to empower creators and collectors. We believe that the immense opportunities of AI & NFTs combined can give birth to a new era of creative universes & everlasting communities.

The DAO offer valuable resources and expertise for creators to easily provide quality work for collectors so utility can be at the center of the discussion.

As creators can focus on utility and collaborate with other communities within the ecosystem, creating larger universes of creation and community-driven exploration, the opportunities are limitless. Come build with us today!

Website: https://www.miragedao.art Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/miragedao Medium: https://miragedao.medium.com/ (not mirror)

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