AI generated dynamic NFTs

Say hello to Ikonale

Our dynamic ecosystem of AI generated NFTs : Our goal is to empower our community of AI artists and storytellers through the implementation of collaborative tools, resources and a fair governance system. By providing these tools, we aim to foster a community-driven ecosystem that allows for the continuous advancement and evolution of the art being created and shared on our platform. Enabling AI artists to easily showcase their talents to the world in a continuous manner is the end goal. Explain me like Iā€™m 5: Today cat want to be a cat but maybe tomorrow cat want to be a dog because cat feels like a dog or because cat thinks it will be better to show himself to others. But what if the community of cats want everyone to stay cat and exclude the ones who want to be dogs? Then nothing forces the cat to become a dog, he can just become a dog and gather other dogs!

, while also enriching the platform's art ecosystem with trendy and innovative art.

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